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Raw Materials Handling

Mogensen is a leading U.K. manufacturer of materials handling and vibratory process equipment. With over 50 years experience the company has become renowned
for its quality, reliability and after-sales service.

From small specialised vibratory feeders of less than 500mm to vibrating feeders designed exclusively for mobile systems and high tonnage feeders on Europe’s largest crushing plant, Mogensen has earned its reputation by delivering solid solutions for all feeding needs.

Mogensen vibratory equipment is designed using the latest in 3D development software, combined with experienced design and application engineers who will discuss your specific requirements throughout each step.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and full service and support give us our proven and renowned name in the industry.

ETS1 Feeder (Enclosed)
Mogensen ETS1 enclosed feeder
Mogensen TS1 Feeder
Design Features

The Mogensen Vibrating Feeder Range can be designed with various options that include, but are not limited to the following:-

> Mild or stainless steel construction
> Open or fully enclosed for dust containment
> Partial or full wear liners
> Base mounted or suspended
> ATEX Certified Designs
> Specialist Linings
> Trough designs with air heated or cooled jackets
> Bespoke control systems
> Screen decks, flow control gates, multiple outlets
> We always use industry standard Invicta Vibrators   

Advantages of
Vibratory Equipment

The Mogensen vibratory equipment range has been developed to perform a multitude of functions which include:-

> Low maintenance
> Low energy consumption
> High operational safety levels
> Easy to clean /reduced contamination
> Improved feed presentation / separation / sizing
> Reduced dust emissions
> Wear / impact resistance
> Auto mesh cleaning / deck heating
> High throughput tonnage
> Cost effective
> Dry, damp or wet material

Pan Feeder
TS1 Feeder
Mogensen Pan Feeder
The Mogensen range of vibrating Feeders has been developed over the past 40 years, driven by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic powered vibrator motors to produce either a linear or rotary action depending on the application needs.

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