Mogensen DLS 3600/1500 Screen
The vibrating screen range covers both rotary and linear action drives to accommodate difficult applications, open or enclosed bodies, single length or double length decks and light to heavy duty design. Single to multi deck configurations, wire mesh , polydecks, rubber mats to specials with bespoke outlet designs.

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Vibrating Screens
SPL 1200/1750
Dewatering screen
Quality Engineered, 
Raw Materials Handling

Mogensen is a leading U.K. manufacturer of materials handling and vibratory process equipment. With over 50 years experience the company has become renowned for its quality, reliability and after-sales service.

Mogensen has a vibratory screen to suit most applications: finger screens, industrial screens, industrial sieves and vibrating screening of all sizes and applications.

Mogensen vibrating screens have evolved over many years to meet the challenges of varied material types, higher tonnage through-puts and diverse customer separation requirements. Our range starts with light duty applications to achieve effective quality screening with a cost conscious approach with all our options available.

Medium to heavy duty vibratory screening with high capacities, wear liners, multi decks etc. can meet demanding production schedules along with our full bespoke specials.

Mogensen EDSRL 2000/1000 Screen
DLS 3600/1500
SPL 1200/1750 Dewatering Screen
Mogensen C1044 Screen
EDSRL 2000/1000
We offer vibratory screens that are suitable for light de-dusting of animal feed or wood chips through to heavy industrial vibratory screening such as used for coal, granite and ores.  All our vibratory screens are configured to your needs, space, product flow and separations required.
Mogensen Screen
Design Features

The Mogensen Vibratory Screen Range can be designed with various options that include, but are not limited to the following:-

> One to multideck
> End or side tensioned meshes
> 0.5m to 3m widths
> Single/double lengths
> Light, medium or heavy duty
> Special linings
> ATEX certified
> Bespoke inlet/outlets
> Full control panels

Advantages of
Vibratory Equipment

The Mogensen equipment range has been developed to perform a multitude of features which include:-

> Low maintenance
> Low energy consumption
> High operational safety levels
> Easy to clean /reduced contamination
> Improved feed presentation / separation / sizing
> Reduced dust emissions
> Wear / impact resistance
> Auto mesh cleaning / deck heating
> High throughput tonnage
> Cost effective
> Dry, damp or wet material