Design Features

The Mogensen Vibratory Sizer Range can be designed with various options that include, but are not limited to the following:-

> Enclosed or open designs
> Specialist linings
> Mesh cleaning systems
> Bespoke inlet/outlet configurations
> 0.5m / 1.0m / 1.5m / 2.0m / 3.0m wide models
> 3, 5 or 6 deck arrangements
> Dry or wet duties
> Bespoke control systems

Advantages of
Vibratory Equipment

The Mogensen vibrating equipment range has been developed to perform a multitude of functions which include:-

> Low maintenance
> Low energy consumption
> High operational safety levels
> Easy to clean /reduced contamination
> Improved feed presentation / separation / sizing
> Reduced dust emissions
> Wear / impact resistance
> Auto mesh cleaning / deck heating
> High throughput tonnage
> Cost effective
> Dry, damp or wet material

Vibrating Sizers
S2056 2m Sizer
Material flow diagram
Sizer versus Screen comparison

mogensen EDRSL 1220/1000 Sizer
EDRSL 1220/1000
Mogensen Material flow Diagram
The unique Mogensen vibrating sizer, is a probability screen that has higher material throughput combined with a smaller footprint when compared to a traditional screen. This higher efficiency vibratory screening saves on energy use and means very high tonnages can be accommodated. A small compact design allows the Mogensen vibrating sizer to fit into most applications and it is more resistant to pegging and blockages than conventional screens.

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Mogensen SO554 0.5m Sizer
Quality Engineered, 
Raw Materials Handling

Mogensen is a leading U.K. manufacturer of materials handling and vibratory process equipment. With over 50 years experience the company has become renowned for its quality, reliability and after-sales service.

Created in the early 1960’s by Dr. Fredrik Mogensen in response to a requirement for a more efficient way to screen raw materials, the Mogensen Vibrating Sizer has today become an industry standard in vibratory screening and especially in the multi-sizing of materials.

The unique design also benefits by causing no material product damage or the production of unwanted fines that can be created in conventional screening methods. Therefore reduced production loss, up to five times increased capacity and options for throughputs and product sizing.

SO554 0.5m Sizer
Sizer versus Screen comparison
Mogensen S2056 2m Sizer