Mogensen Vibratory Tables
Mogensen Vibratory Tables
Quality Engineered, 
Raw Materials Handling

Mogensen is a leading U.K. manufacturer of materials handling and vibratory process equipment. With over 50 years experience the company has become renowned for its quality, reliability and after-sales service.

Available in mild or stainless steel, the Mogensen vibrating table provides a reliable vibrating surface that can be used in many industries, to compact and settle loose materials. Two or more vibrators are utilised to provide a vertical, linear action to the table top providing the correct amplitude for each product.

Minimal maintenance requirements combined with a rugged, no fuss design equals a reliable and cost effective vibratory medium.

Mogensen Vibratory Tables
Vibrating Tables
Mogensen Vibratory Tables
Mogensen Vibrating Tables are designed for compacting, packing, settling and product testing. As individual units they are ideal to provide a controlled and reliable vibrating surface and can be fitted with magnets or other devices to retain the box, pack or part.

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Design Features

The Mogensen Vibrating Table Range can be offered with various options that include, but are not limited to the following:-

> Magnetic clamping
> Bespoke fixing holes/ clamping plates
> Vertical linear vibration - adjustable
> Flat, grid top or with bespoke retaining devices
> Many table top sizes available – 500mm to > 3000mm
> Continuous or intermittent rating
> Electric or Pneumatic vibrators
> Loads from a few kg up to 20 tonnes
> Full control panel options with speed control
> ATEX certified designs

Advantages of
Vibratory Equipment

The Mogensen Vibratory equipment range has been developed to offer the following:-

> Low maintenance
> Low energy consumption
> High operational safety levels
> Easy to clean /reduced contamination
> Improved feed presentation / separation / sizing
> Reduced dust emissions
> Wear / impact resistance
> Auto mesh cleaning / deck heating
> High throughput tonnage
> Cost effective
> Dry, damp or wet material