Mogensen Screen at Acumen Waste

Acumen Waste Services ( operates a waste treatment facility near York which has been designed for waste treatment and recovery facilities covering a variety of waste streams. This site is permitted to accept up to 250,000 tonnes per annum of wastes and is operated over a normal 8 hour day, 5 days a week. Typical waste streams include: Road sweepings and gully wastes, contaminated soils; power station residues; Construction and demolition wastes; contaminated sludge’s; mixed organic and waste treatment facility wastes.

When the time came to improve screening at the site, Acumen turned to Mogensen for their expertise and engineering excellence. After detailed discussions to fully understand the application requirements,  Mogensen specified an open screen; type SRSL 1250mm wide x 2500mm long with an adjustable angle stand to achieve the best material velocity and spread. The screen was supplied with side tensioned mesh and a BLz 40-27/6 Invicta rotary electric vibrator.  The Mogensen screen receives material from the log washer which scours, breaks down and cleans the aggregates and separates the materials over a 4mm aperture mesh, typically the process will handle between 150-200 tonnes over an 8 hour day. The site manager Nigel Raynham commented “We are very happy with the performance of the Mogensen screen and have recommended it to other people who have visited our site, for the price and the quality it has turned out to be an excellent purchase”.

Mogensen have been designing and manufacturing vibratory equipment for over 50 years and offer screens, sizers, feeders, conveyors, divergators, density sorters and compaction tables. Every customer's application is different and Mogensen prides itself on understanding this and presenting solutions that both meet and exceeds expectations.

Mogensen Display@ RWM 2016 - Stand No. 5R01

Mogensen Raw Materials Handling had a successful RWM 2016 exhibition with quality enquiries being generated and great opportunities for solid networking with key industry partners over the three days. The 2016 exhibition had a very good visitor entry with foot fall up and was seen as one of the best RWM turnouts. This year’s display machine, a special screen feeder, created a lot of interest and kick off many discussions as screening, feeding and density sorting could all be displayed on the common machine. Also new for this year was fully printed walls on the stand with floor to ceiling graphics that attracted and informed customers of our experiences and received many compliments. With the multi functional machine and the new stand presentation, this year’s show was a step forward to our commitment to the RWM and the recycling industry as a whole.
Mogensen has been supplying equipment to the recycling industry for over 30 years. Originally the main markets were in the glass and tyre processing sectors. Over the years, however, the range of processes involved has increased to the point, at which the company is now involved in almost every conceivable recycling and waste management sector processing solids, slurries and liquids. The application of vibration technology is an essential part of many recycling processes being used not only for traditional screening and feeding applications but also to maximise the efficiency of other processes such as air separation, and magnetic and optical sorting.
Mogensen offers a broad range of standard and bespoke equipment suitable for most materials, and draws on its more than 50 years’ experience of vibratory equipment manufacture, both to modify existing designs and to custom-design new equipment to suit specific process requirements.

Mogensen @ RWM 2016 - 13th to 15th September 2016 - Stand No. 5R01

The Mogensen stand at this year’s RWM Show will feature a Type SPL TR1 500/1300 –L486 single-deck vibratory screen (screen deck 500mm x 1300mm), which can perform standard screening, standard feeding and due to the multi angled mounting can also act as a density sorter. This versatile machine has been purposely manufactured to showcase all three functions and to offer actual material trials for customer applications. The trialling of customer specific material allows us to get a better understanding of the material characteristics and its flow rates, which in turn lets us select the most appropriate solution to your feeding, screening or sorting needs. The screen is driven by two Invicta rotary electric vibrators, Type BLz24-8/6 and is fully self-contained with its own control panel. The angle of decline/incline of the screen deck may be easily adjusted through an arc of - 15º to +15º which provides control over the material velocity for screening and feeding actions. Also when used at an incline the machine will perform a density sorting function (separating materials based on their differences in mass), with the lighter material moving up the deck to the exit end and the heavier fractions fall back to exit behind the feed in section. This allows for a simple but effective separation of materials and has many uses in the recycling industry. If you have any screening, feeding or density sorting needs, come and visit our stand where we can discuss your particular application and offer our advice.

Mogensen screens, feeders and conveyors in both standard and custom-designed versions are in widespread use in the recycling industry. They are handling various materials including used tyres and scrap rubber; miscellaneous scrap glass; wood waste; bone meal and other biomass materials; compost; aerosol cans, other scrap metal; recycled concrete and aggregates; plaster board and mixed textile and plastic waste.

Mogensen at Hillhead 2016 - Stand N12

Mogensen Raw Materials Handling had a successful Hillhead 2016 exhibition with quality enquiries being generated and great opportunities for solid networking with key industry partners over the three days. Although the exhibition this year was conducted under mainly rainy skies, this did not deter visitors or their enquiries and overall it was seen as one of the best Hillhead turnouts ever. This year’s display machines created varied talking points from screening and sizing to feeding and spreader feeding. The integrated hydraulic linear vibrator drive, housed within a grizzly feeder was a great success with many crusher mobile manufacturers showing strong interest. This design ensures a perfect linear drive with a compact footprint, dirt free enclosures and selectable drive angles for material application. The linear action is required to move the material when in a horizontal plane and improves total throughput over standard rotary action units.Hillhead 2016

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