The Mogensen Divergator

The Mogensen Divergator is a coarse ore separator that does not require a vibratory drive (unpowered) and handles high capacities without blocking. The standard separations are 25 to 400mm and individual material pieces can exceed 1m and 3 tonnes. The Divergator is particularly good at handling sticky materials and its unique design of bar placement creates a self cleaning and blockage free operation. 

Design Features

The Mogensen Divergator Range can be designed with various options that include, but are not limited to, the following:-

  • Bespoke bar sizes and replaceable bars
  • Medium or heavy duty construction
  • High TPH throughput
  • Low maintenance costs and downtime
  • Bespoke sizes to suit all applications
  • Protects crushers and improves material flow
  • Does not require power to operate
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