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This January, Mogensen exhibited at the LAMMA show in Peterborough alongside its sister companies of Grantham Electrical and Invicta Controls. We displayed a Type SPL TR1 500/1300 –L486 single-deck vibratory screen (screen deck 500mm x 1300mm), which can perform standard screening, standard feeding and due to the multi angled mounting can also act as a density sorter. This versatile machine has been purposely manufactured to showcase all three functions and to offer actual material trials for customer applications.

The LAMMA exhibition is aimed primarily at the farming community and this afforded us the opportunity to focus on the animal feed and bedding sectors. Mogensen over the years has had some considerable success in this area and in fact supply vibratory equipment to many feed and animal bedding manufacturers. Our ESRSL and EDRSL range of screens is well known in the feed sector for de-dusting and removing oversize material, offering a cost effective solution of dust tight screening.

Enquiries we received at LAMMA for screening and feeding applications were diverse and varied in nature and location and we felt our presence at the show was successful. However, due to high winds overnight, the show was cancelled for day two due to safety reasons which was unfortunate for all involved, exhibitors and visitors alike.

Mogensen is a World renowned name for vibratory screening and feeding products and offers a broad range of standard and bespoke equipment suitable for many materials, drawing on more than 50 years’ experience of vibratory equipment manufacture.

Mogensen @ LAMMA 2018