Mesh/Pneumatic Cleaning & Electric Deck Heating

When screening damp, sticky or inherently difficult materials, such as clay or plastics of small odd shapes, there is an increased likelihood that material blinding or pegging will occur, causing the mesh to become blocked. This will reduce the efficiency of the screening process and create backlogs and reduced throughput resulting in lost production and the need for manual cleaning. 
mesh cleaning

Design Features

The Mogensen Mesh Cleaning Range can be designed with various options that include, but are not limited to, the following:-

  • Electric deck heating – to assist in blinding issues (high moisture / sticky) 
  • Pneumatic mesh cleaning – to assist in pegging issues (odd small shapes) 
  • Multi-deck fitting for both options
  • Pneumatic system can be fitted to meshes 6.3mm and below
  • Mesh cleaning can be customer controlled by our bespoke control panel 
  • Used by brick manufacturers, recyclers, mining and chemical industries
  • In most cases can be retro fitted to existing Mogensen screens and sizers
  • More effective than chains or balls
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces manual cleaning
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Keeps mesh open and efficient 

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