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Mogensen are exhibiting at the LAMMA Exhibition, which is the UK’s leading farm machinery and equipment show for the first time this year. We are sharing a stand with sister Companies, Grantham Electrical and Invicta Control Gear which combined, offer a comprehensive product portfolio of product and service. Mogensen will feature a Type SPL TR1 500/1300 –L486 single-deck vibratory screen (screen deck 500mm x 1300mm), which can perform standard screening, standard feeding and due to the multi angled mounting can also act as a density sorter. This versatile machine has been purposely manufactured to showcase all three functions and to offer actual material trials for customer applications. 

The trialling of customer specific material allows us to get a better understanding of the material characteristics and its flow rates, which in turn lets us select the most appropriate solution to your feeding, screening or sorting needs. The screen is driven by two Invicta rotary electric vibrators, Type BLz24-8/6 and is fully self-contained with its own control panel. The angle of decline/incline of the screen deck may be easily adjusted through an arc of -15º to +15º which provides control over the material velocity for screening and feeding actions. Also when used at an incline the machine will perform a density sorting function (separating materials based on their differences in mass), with the lighter material moving up the deck to the exit end and the heavier fractions fall back to exit behind the feed in section. This allows for a simple but effective separation of materials and has many uses in many industries.

If you have any screening, feeding or density sorting needs, come and visit our stand where we can discuss your particular application and offer our advice. We are well known for animal feed and bedding screening.