Typical Sealing Arrangement for Screens, Sizers & All Trellex Types

Typical Sealing Arrangement Between Mogensen Equipment & Chutes
sealing arrangement

sealing arrangement

The recommended distance between the outlet and the inlet is 100mm ('B') as above

Cloth width = B + 100mm
Measure around the perimeter of the beading and then allow approximately 150mm extra on the total seal length for an overlap.

sealing arrangement

Assembly of Grip Strips

Normally grip strips can be tapped into position with a heavy mallet. In cases of difficulty, moisten the lips of the strip and the seal/cloth over the round beading with a soap solution or with methylated spirit. then tap into position with mallet.

Assembly of grip strips

Final Assembly of Typical Sealing Arrangement

Final assembly of sealing arrangement

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is issued as a guide only.

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